Hello Everyone, my name is Brian, and I live in beautiful San Diego, CA.

I created  “Whispers For The Soul”  in hopes of touching your heart and soul. I like to inspire people and get them thinking a little differently about how they view their life. Life within, and life in general.

I have dedicated my life to the study and exploration of the inner journey in order to move out of my own way, to be in a flow, and to discover the authentic inner being, the meditative quality within, the inner silence and emptiness, the capacity to surrender to life.

Some tips for my blog.. Don’t take everything you read on my blog  literal. Apply what you can to better yourself and discard what doesn’t apply. Be kind, and help other visitors with their questions and most of all “Remember that we are all travelers on different paths and that your path isn’t the only path” .. ~smiling~

Thank You and Enjoy Your Visit..


8 thoughts on “About

  1. i just love your posts! they do have a calming effect to the reader and I thank you for sharing them. can’t wait to read more.

  2. Thank You Yashikibuta.. I appreciate your comment .. ~smiling~

  3. Jeannie

    You have helped me in so many avenues of my life..thanks Brian..I like this…

  4. Wonderful blog! Thank you, Brian! 🙂

  5. are any of these for purchase. I love them. Where /how / whom woudl I contact to purchace them?

    • Kay, I don’t sell any of these, you can take what you would like, but they aren’t for resale…. ~smiling~

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