I have forgiven mistakes that were unforgivable, I have tried to replace those who were irreplaceable and tried to forget those who were unforgettable.
I have done things on impulse.
I have been let down by those whom I thought would never let me down but I have also let others down.
I have laughed when It was almost impossible to laugh. I have held someone to protect them. I have made life long friends, I’ve loved and been loved. I have screamed and jumped for joy, I have lived on love and made eternal promises of love.
I have fallen many times.
I have cried while listening to music and also when looking at photos.
I have called someone just to hear their voice.
I have fallen in love with a smile.
I have also thought I was going to die from losing someone special and I did lose them, but I lived! And I still live!
What is really good is to fight with determination, embrace life and live it with passion. Lose your battles with class and dare to win because the world belongs to those who dare to live.
Life is worth too much to be insignificant.

Charlie Chaplin

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