Break downs

Breakdowns are the explosive storms that come from extended disconnection from our center. There is the torrent of emotions- rage, fear, shame, grief. Feelings of all hope being lost, of losing touch with the reality you have known, and the primal fear of knowing you have no control over anything can wash over you. Breakdowns can happen with such intensity that you can barely hold your self up to sit.

Then there’s the breaking point. This is the pivotal moment when you are (consciously or unconsciously) choosing which path to take.

You can try to be strong or “do the right thing.” You can take some medication, make a few changes that will allow you to keep going the way you’ve been going, and try harder.


You can allow yourself to be taken by the wave. You can allow everything you have been trying so hard to keep together to fall apart (whether it is an image of yourself, your career, your relationship, your goals).

The latter option is called surrender. This is the path to a breakthrough. A breakthrough is when you stop fighting the waves of “what is,” let go of resistance and allow yourself to go with the flow. It is the brave choice to consciously let go of what has not been serving you and surrender to what is presenting.

There is no right or wrong path. And no matter what you choose, you can always choose again if it is not working for you. The former option, trying harder, is the scenic route and often the bumpy road. It’s like trying to fight a wave (good luck with that). Sure, you can still find your way through a breakdown this way. It just takes a lot little longer to reach the breakthrough (and you will eventually come to option two anyway).

The second option is the most direct route. It’s riding the wave. It’s letting “what is presenting” carry you to shore. It can be terrifying, but worth every second of the ride..

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