The 12 Laws Of Transformation

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The 12 Laws of Transformation
1. Seek the truth
The highest form of repentance is self acceptance

2. Be willing to come apart
Don’t make things happen, allow them to happen.

3. Step out of your comfort zone
Drop the patterns and stories of the past & step out of your comfort zone.

4. Commit to growth
No matter what comes up, we learn to STAY right where we are.

5. Shift your vision
Develop a heart of faith and take the leap of faith

6. Drop what you know
We don’t change by thinking; we change by being and doing with a pure intent.

7. Relax with what is
The key is noticing and not reacting.

8. Remove the rocks
We don’t have to solve any of our problems. Our problems will give us up.

9. Don’t rush the process
Everything in life has a natural order and rhythm of unfolding

10. Be true to yourself
Look within to discover what you know in your heart to be right and then act on it.

11. Be still & know
Stop the busy-ness, planning, running around, accumulating and stressing about things.

12. Understand that the whole is the goal
You cannot do wrong in one part of your life and expect to do right in all the others.

Baron Baptiste

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