Perception And Possibilities


There may be times when it seems the whole world is working against you. Yet in reality the main thing working against you is your own negative perception.

When one thing goes wrong, then another and another, it seems to you that you’re having a bad day. Keep in mind, however, that it’s just your perception.

Instead of judging the day to be a bad one, take action to make a positive difference. Instead of using your energy to build and maintain a negative perception, put that energy into creating positive results.

You are stronger and much more capable than any random negative pattern that may have befallen you. With determination and effective action, break free.

Although life is filled with great challenge, the world is not against you. Even when one disappointment is followed by another and another, you are not having a bad day.

You are living through a day that is filled with countless possibilities. And you can act right now to bring the very best of those possibilities to life.

Ralph Marston

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