Offer Kindness


It’s helpful, then, to remember that sometimes the most powerful medicine we can offer for suffering of any kind is simply kindness. It says, “You’re not alone. I see you; I hear you; I’m with you.” Even if it’s only for a moment or a day, that sense of genuine connection can change the trajectory of a life. To be genuine and kind is like a broadspectrum remedy for the pain that afflicts the heart. Every one of us is in a position to be genuine and kind.

To offer this kindness to others, we first have to learn to be kind toward ourselves. Then we can approach others and extend that same kindness to them. Again, wanting to help others doesn’t mean we have the goal of saving them, in the sense of setting them on the “right course” according to our view. If there’s any way we can really save someone, being genuine and kind is probably the only way. You’re not going to save people by pushing them toward a goal you have in mind for them.

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