Lessons From Trees

Value your roots. 

They offer strength and stability, anchoring us when fierce winds blow.

Don’t hesitate to branch out.

You never know who you will meet or which doors will open when you explore new paths and pursue new connections. 

Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb.

Follow your heart.

Take a risk.

You will never know unless you try.

Give yourself the benefit of the doubt.

Sometimes you have to shed your bark in order to grow.

When we let go of the past, we are able to move forward with the present.

Spring always follows Winter.

When things are at their worst, they can only get better. 

Seasons don’t last forever, and neither do sadness and despair.

Change is always upon us.

It’s okay to be a late bloomer.

Everyone has their own unique journey.

There are no right or wrong paths, only different paths.

Life is about the process, not the destination.

It doesn’t matter when we arrive—what matters is simply that we arrive.

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