You Attract What You Are

You attract what you are. Thus, whatever you want in your life, strive to become that first.
Want more friends? Become more friendly first.
Want more love? Become loving towards self and others first.
Want to be more wealthy? Become more prosperous in your mind first.
Want more high quality people in your life? Become more high quality first.
Want to be more understood? Become more understanding of others first.
Want more respect? Become the person who gets respect first.
Want people to listen to you more? Listen more to others first.
Want an attractive partner? Become more attractive first.
Want someone to not be abusive? Become the empowered person who does not get abused first.
Want people to appreciate you? Appreciate them first.
Want people to believe in you? Believe in yourself first.

Sudhir Krishnan


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