Speak From The Heart

Speak From The Heart …

What does it mean to communicate from the heart? To me it means being able to say what I think and feel without having to fear repercussions. When we trust ourselves we know that what we are saying reflects what we believe. It is an authentic reflection of who we are. And if others disagree or question us we are able to stay focused on our beliefs and yet be open to consider what the other person is saying. This gives us the freedom to be truly in charge of ourselves.

Young children instinctively know how to speak from the heart. They will say what they see and what they feel. Yet over time they begin to get messages as to what is OK to say and what is not. Gradually children learn to censor themselves.

Sadly many take these messages so seriously to heart that they stop listening to their own heart.

It is no wonder that many grown-ups have stopped listening to their heart. As a result they may go overboard at agreeing with someone else when that is not how they feel. Fortunately as adults we have the ability to relearn how to pay attention to our heart.

Here are three tips for becoming heart centered:

1. Listen to yourself. When you have agreed with someone do you hear a little twinge inside? If you do, it probably means that you have instinctively responded without listening to what you feel or have had a chance to think about what you want to say.

2. Take a moment to mentally go inside your head and try to get in touch with what you felt. If you are not in the habit of listening to your own voice you will need to practice relearning to pay attention to your voice.

3. In order to be heart centered you have to be able to trust what you feel and then use words to communicate what you want to say. When your feelings and words are in alignment you will know what action to take.

You will feel congruent in how you communicate and your voice will authentically reflect you.

Kristina von Rosenvinge

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