Taking Responsibility

When life takes a tough turn, it’s tempting to start the blame game. Who caused this mess? The childish voice inside us wants to point fingers. It was him, it was her, it was them.

The bold – and refreshing – thing to do is accept responsibility for the chaos. If there’s a problem in our lives, we have to Own It!

Accepting responsibility for our problems gives us power. If we had a role in creating the situation, then we have a role in changing it. We have the ability, inner strength, and wisdom to assess the situation and develop solutions. Granted, the solutions might not be easy, but there always are concrete steps we can take to improve our lives.

When we accept responsibility for our problems, it also changes our perspective in our relationships. People who inappropriately try to blame us – and others – for their problems lose their ability to make us feel guilty. If we’re in the practice of thinking about personal responsibility, then we have the strength to deflect inappropriate blame and take control of our feelings.

Taking charge of  our own lives doesn’t mean we’ll escape the random nature of life. Accidents happen. We may have the terrible experience of being victimized at some point in our lives. Even if we’re clearly not responsible for something that happens, we do have the power to control what happens next.

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