Natural Changes

When we continue to base our lives on the next event, the next thing, the future, we realize that lasting peace and joy cannot come from this way of living because it has nothing to do with this moment. And, when we desperately expect an outcome, we only add to the inevitable sensation of disappointment.

Living in the past, occupying the future or genuinely believing that something will last forever, are at odds with how life functions and thus, how we function. There is a conflict, then, between our minds and the world we move through that does not have to exist—if we just let go and accept the fundamental truth of impermanence.

Natural change teaches us that in the end, no matter how much we strive to control or resist, the vastness reclaims each and every one of us. This is a humbling and beautiful conclusion to rest against and melt into; there is nowhere for the small mind to hide,and thus an infinite space for the moment to manifest freshly.

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